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Commuter Convoy Details

Thanks for being a part of Hawaii Pedal Power Bike Month Healthy Heart Healthy Planet. We have registered hundreds of new bicyclists all over the state. Everyone is gearing up and ready for Bike To Work Day this Friday. The email address is given for the convoy leader should you have any questions.

Feel free to contact me at justin.e.fanslau@gmail.com

Here are the details for the commuter convoys that are taking place on your island.

Bike to Work Day - Friday May 21st


Bike Rally Location
BOH Financial Plaza
Corner of King and Bishop

Rally Begins - 7:15 AM
Remarks Begin - 7:50 AM

All Registration Packets will be distributed at the Bike Rally.

Convoy 1 - Jamba Juice Kahala Mall
Convoy Departs - 7:00 AM
Convoy Leader - Chris Sayers

Convoy 2 - Jamba Juice Kapahulu
Convoy Departs - 7:00 AM
Convoy Leader - Patricia Johnson

Convoy 3 - Jamba Juice Airport Trade Center
Convoy Departs - 7:00 AM
Convoy Leader - Carol Fontanives

Convoy 4 - Jamba Juice Kailua Village
Convoy Departs - 6:00 AM
Convoy Leader - Dave Plaskett
Convoy Leader - Chad Taniguchi

Convoy 5 - Jamba Juice Keaumoku
Convoy Departs - 7:10 AM
Convoy Leader - Robert Harrison


Convoy 1 - Jamba Juice Piilani Village
Convoy Departs - TBD
Convoy Leader - Daniel Hubbard

Hawaii Island (Big Island)

Convoy 1 - Jamba Juice Kona Coast Shopping Center
Convoy Departs - 7:30 AM
Convoy Leader - John Simmerman

Convoy 2 - Jamba Juice Prince Kuhio Plaza
Convoy Departs - 7:30 AM
Convoy Leader - Chris Seymour

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